Review of the gay teen paysite Belami Online

You will find it hard to get a better site that focuses on smooth young twinks and good looking jocks with big cocks than BelAmi Online. They first started off in 1998 and have gone from strength to strength, and they known all over the world. The site will get you aroused, and it is so easy to navigate that it really is a dream cum true – without any hassles or annoying pop-up ads.
belami online models
The young men are aged between 18-25 and are mainly from Central Europe, so you can expect to see a lot of uncut cocks getting sucked, and gently chewed on. These guys are Slovak, Czech and Hungarian, and in recent years, they have added American guys with their cut cocks, and balls ready to explode. Some of these guys are straight out of school with sweet innocent faces and slender young bodies with no chest hair.

The jocks are hot and well defined with tight firm butts, chiselled chests, and great six-packs. There are a few who are more muscular than that, but they haven’t gone over the top in the gym like some other guys have.
Elio ChalametThey have hundreds of models here, and in the past, some of these guys have gone on to become famous gay pornstars. If you have been in a movie with Belami Online, then you are on the right step to getting well known. If you wanna preview some of the best Belami Online porn video check out their section on gaypornstarstube.xxx , you will spend hours there. Just some of the gorgeous models they feature at the moment are Helmut Huxley, Gino Mosca, Bastian Dufy, and Trevor Yates who has a huge fat cock and loves to drill it into a nice tight young hole.

One of the best sites for European Gay Teen Porn

Belami Online always keeps its site and its standards up to date, and among its many awards, they won Gay Site Of The Year in 2016 (XBIZ), and, Best Video Site in 2016 (CYBERSOCKET). At the moment, they have approximately 2,500 movies that are all in HD, and they can be downloaded, or streamed in various different formats, including for most mobile devices. They update constantly, and you will never run out of new scenes to enjoy.

These guys are young, hung, and ready to fuck. There are solos movies where they lie back, look into the camera, and jerk on those beautiful young hard cocks, and play with their big balls until they end up in one hell of a tasty mess. There are duos, threesomes, and some fantastic orgies. The content is full of cock sucking, ass play and when they fuck with and without condoms, the cameras go in for orgasmic close-ups.

They also have around 2,500 photo galleries, and these have approximately 50 high-resolution photos in each set. You can download these individually, or in zip files, and you can also watch them in an erotic slideshow, which will leave your hands free to do… something else, and I don’t mean the washing up!

This adult gay paysite has to be one of the best known gay porn sites around the world. They don’t just choose any guys for their models, they take the cream off the top, and pair them together to give us high-quality movies, in a dreamlike fantasies. You can even interact with a community online, where you can chat about the movies or the models with likeminded men.
If you haven’t heard of Belami Online, it means you are either too young to be looking at gay twink porn or, you have been on a remote island somewhere, because this site is mega huge, just like some of these prime bits of tasty young meat.…

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A new gay video – FREE for you

‘Drill My Hole’ shows you what it’s like to live on the East Side if you have money, the world is yours for the taking and mygayvids.com filmed it to show you what it’s really like. This hardcore episode with gay pornstar Jack Radley and sexy Latino, Kaden Alexander in his second flick with a gay porn site.

In episode two, Luks Adams found out that Jack Radley has a crush on his hunky music teacher, Kaden Alexander, but Jack wasn’t sure what to do as he was a virgin. ‘Was’ is the right word as almost as soon as he had said that, Luke showed him exactly what to do, and where it should be stuck.

This episode starts off with Luke ringing Jack up and asking him if he has done anything about his handsome teacher yet, and Jack tells him, ‘No, Not yet.’ Luke tells him to get him on his second phone right now and get him to go round. Luke wants him to keep his other phone on so that he can hear what is being said. Jack does as he is told and makes an appointment with Kaden later that day.

Almost as soon as Kaden comes into the room Jack pushes him onto the couch and before Kaden can say anything at all, Jack has opened up his pants and has taken his eight inch Latino cock out and begins sucking on it. Kaden enjoys the sensation running through his body as Jack sucks on his cock. He gets him up and they strip naked together and then Kaden sits back on the couch as Jack lies down on his front and continues sucking on Kaden’s cock. Kaden tells him to go slow at one point, and then tells him when to lick, and when to suck. He takes a hold of Jack’s head and face fucks him hard and fast.

I love xxx gay men

Kaden gets Jack to sit on his lap facing him with his legs either side of his hips. Jack does as he says and then leans back using his hands to hold him up on the floor whilst Kaden bends over and sucks on Jack’s eight inch dick. Kaden is giving jack the lesson he has been after all along thanks to Luke Adam’s interference.

Staying in the same position Jack lifts his legs up to his chest and Kaden slides his thick hard dick right up his tight asshole. Jack groans out loud as he feels his asshole stretching wide open. Kaden drives his cock in and out if Jack’s crack and Jack feels Kaden’s cock banging against his prostate which makes his cock leak pre-cum.
From here on jack moans and groans with unadulterated pleasure as Kaden relentlessly ploughs his cock into him harder and harder and in all sorts of positions. Jack Radley shouts out he’s going to cum and as he jerks on his cock, and Kaden fucks his ass, his cum spurts out over his smooth young body. Kaden Alexander pulls his cock out of Jack’s tight hole and his cum blasts out and reaches Jack’s face.
With a teacher like Kaden, Jack is going to be playing a much better tune on his fiddle.

Jack Ridley and Kaden Alexander – gay adult models

Jack Ridley is a cute young man with a thin white body. He is a versatile bottom and has an eight inch cut cock. He has brown hair, Hazel eyes and is five feet elven inches tall. Jack has been in eleven hardcore porn flicks with mygayvids.com since he started back in January 2014 where he gets his ass fucked up by Coly Jansen, who is an exclusive gay porn star to mygayvids.com in ‘Dirty Magazines.’

Kaden Alexander is a Latino hunk with plenty of muscles and a lovely six pack. He has only been in one flick with this gay porno tube so far and that was ‘The Hunt’ with Paul Canon. He versatile with an eight inch uncut cock which he loves to squeeze into a tight asshole. He has black hair, brown eyes and is six foot of pure meat.…

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Gay porn in the office

‘The Gay Office’ brings you all your best working fantasies thanks to gay sex tube, who are an award winning porn company who know what you want and what your needs are. This hardcore episode stars two men who are always horny, Johnny Rapid and Vadim Black.

Johnny Rapid has an amazing hairy body full of muscle and has a great six pack. He is a great top and has a seven inch uncut dick. He has brown hair, sultry brown eyes and is five feet ten inches tall and has a large following on Twitter and via http://www.johnnyrapidtube.xxx/ you can download all his videos for free . Johnny has starred in eight hardcore movies for many porn websites since starting in June 2015 where he fucks the ass off of Jimmy Fanz in ‘Swipe Part 2.’

Vadim Black manages to be handsome and cute at the same time. He has a smooth muscular body with a few tattoos. He has jet black hair and amazing sparkling green eyes. Vadim is versatile with a six and a half inch uncut cock and is five feet seven inches tall. He has stared in eight great flicks with gay xxx sites which includes ‘Son Of A Preacher’s Man’ which ends up in a great party full of Jizz.

Vadim Black is getting ready for porn

Anyway… Vadim Black has been told by his boss to send out emails and organize an office retreat to boost everyone’s moral. Vadim thought it would be fun to pretend to send off an email he had written to telling some of the men in the company what he would like to do with him sexually, and at the last minute sends it by accident. He is mortified at the beginning and then one of his colleges Mike De Marko came in and collected on Vadim’s offer to fuck him deep and hard, now, in episode two, Vadim has called in sick as he is scared what’s going to happen next.

Vadim is sitting back in the bar in his suit when Johnny Rapid comes in and tells him that Mike had told him that he would be there. Johnny has now come to collect on what Vadim asked him to do in that naughty e-mail and Vadim is more than happy to get on his knees and suck on this handsome Brazilians thick hard seven inch dick which he strokes it up and down and then deep throats his cock. Both men take their pants off and with Vadim lying on his back and in his work shirt Johnny gets between his spread legs and sucks on his salty tasting cock. Vadim holds the back of Johnny’s head and face fucks him all the way to his bouncing balls.

How to make love in the office with Johnny Rapid

Johnny pulls Vadim’s ass up you his head and buries his tongue as deep as he can go into Vadim’s tight little asshole. Vadim shouts out with great satisfaction and excitement as Johnny’s tongue circle’s his crack and then plunges deeply in once again.

Johnny takes his shirt off and gets Vadim to pull his knees up to his chest. Looking Vadim straight into his eyes Johnny slides his cock all the way into to Vadim’s soaking wet asshole. Vadim pumps on his own cock as he gets fucked harder and harder by Johnny’s now throbbing cock.

Lying on his back, Vadim Black’s face scrunches up and he knows he is about to cum. With a cry of pure excitement Vadim’s cum explodes out of his cock and lands over his fucked body. Johnny Rapid gets up, pulls Vadim’s head towards him by his hair and his cum blasts out straight into Vadim’s waiting mouth.

There’s nothing like a good gay fuck in the office and this one has got this spot on. Can’t wait to see who else Vadim has sent this email to, and what they are going to do about it.…

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Exclusive gaypornstar sex

So far in this great series by Drill My Hole we have seen Scott Riley getting fucked by two of his straight friends, Colby Jansen and Bennett Anthony, both exclusive gay pornstars. Now we get the chance to see what his other straight friend, Alex Mecum, can do with his thick eight and a half inch cut cock, and how he does it.

Damn, I love gay porn

For those of you who don’t know the series, here’s a quick recap: Since coming out as gay in college Scott Riley has had his best straight friends fucking his tight ass on a regular basis. Even though they are married they know that they don’t have the same hassle with Scott as they do their wives, and that only he can do what they really want.

Scott Riley finishes his work on the computer and lies down to sleep. All of a sudden he feels a heavy weight next to him. He turns around and it’s his best friend Alex Mecum who is stark naked and climbing into bed with him. Scott asks ‘what are you doing?’ And Alex reply’s by smacking Scott’s hot ass and giving him a kiss and tells him that he missed him.

Scott rolls onto his back and they kiss each other passionately. His straight friend kisses Scott on his smooth chest and works his way down his body kissing every part of it, and then gets to Scott’s six inch cock and sucks on it without any problem. He even tells Scott that his cock tastes so good, and then goes back to Sucking on it, and playing with his smooth ball sack at the same time. Scott sighs with pleasure as Alex deep throats him feels his cock pulsate in his mouth.

Alex gets up onto his knees on the bed and Scott now sucks on his thick hard dick. This time its Alex’s turn to groan loud with excitement as Scott gives him a great blowjob as usual.
Scott pulls his legs up with his knees at his shoulders as Alex pushes his ass up further in the air and teases his twitching asshole by circling it with his tongue. Scott growls out with deep desire when Alex probes in deeper with his tongue, and then fucks him with his thumb.

‘Are you ready for this?’ Alex asks him as he rubs his cock against the underside of Scott’s ball sack. Scott almost purrs and then cries out as he feels every inch of Alex’s cock sinking deeper and deeper into his tiny hot crack. Both men moan and groan as the fucking continues and whilst Alex fucks Scott in the missionary position, he manages to massage Scott’s smooth balls at the same time.

These gay models knows how to party

After Scott sitting on Alex’s cock for a while and riding him hard, the two horny lovers sit side by side and jerk on their own cocks. Alex Mecum shoots his cum first over his hairy chest and Scott’s out stretched leg. As Scott feels his scalding cum land on his leg his cock throbs in his hand and thick globs of creamy white spunk burst out on to his belly and pumping fist. As they kiss each other and go to sleep, Scott knows he has the best friends around.

Who is Scott Riley and Alex Mecum ?

Scott Riley has starred in five hardcore flicks within this paysite since starting in August 2015 in ‘Recruiting Part 1’ where he gets fucked by Exclusive to johnnyrapidtube.xxx star, Johnny Rapid and ‘Some Of A Preacher Man Part 3’ which ends in a great orgy full of scalding hot jizz. Scott Is fresh faced and sweet, the kind of boyfriend your mother would want you to come home with. He is versatile and has a sic inch cut cock and a fuckable asshole. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and is five feet eight inches high.

This is Alex Mecum second gay xxx flick but not the last. His first one is ‘Stepbrothers Part 1’ where he drills the ass off of Colton Grey. Alex is six foot tall with handsome good looks and a muscular hairy body. He is versatile with a lovely thick eight and a half inch cut cock, has brown hair and sky blue eyes.…

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Gay xxx in Ibiza – Dont tell anyone

What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza, unless it’s filmed by Drill My Hole in which case what happens in Ibiza becomes part four of their on-going series, Men In Ibiza. Here we have a celebration of men, of gayness, of sexuality and of love. This scene, just released, has a theatrical feel to it. You know how this company is always going out of its way to produce original, well-made scenes, how they are always striving to achieve a new level of perfection in gay porn? Well, they do it again here.

We’ve got manly newcomer to the scene, Denis Vega, on the rocks, by the sea, perfectly filmed. And we have the legendary Paddy O’Brian in the forest, waiting for the love of his life to arrive. Denis does arrive and, with suitable music and cinema standard filming, the two meet. Tender words are softly spoken, there is a brief, loving warm up and the men start to make love, slowly, passionately, but sensitive all at the same time.

Paddy has a great cock and Denis knows how to tease it with his lips, gently stroking the swollen head to drive Paddy wild, before taking it into his mouth and sucking. And then stopping, and teasing again, and then fast sucking and taking it deep. The teasing works, it’s starting to drive our British stud to delirium, but still Denis does not let up and the oral section of this scene runs on and gets better.

There is great cock play and nut licking between the two guys, and the mouth action continues into rimming and ass spreading as Denis works Paddy’s body for a good 14 minutes or so.

There then follows some great mutual masturbation, and a section with Paddy rimming the other muscled stud as he is jerking his own hard and thick cock. Paddy explores Denis’ ass before finally getting his own cock in there, hard and solid and fat. The fucking section starts and yet the scene does not become gratuitous; the hardcore part simply makes what is a good scene an even better one. We’re still in the forest, there’s still something dreamy about it all, but now the music has given way to animalistic grunts and gasps and the sound of man flesh slapping against man.

The guys give us all manner of positions, making sure we get to see close up, everything that we want to see, and making sure we hear everything we want to hear. It’s hard to hold yourself back as things heat up in this forest, but eventually you’re going to have to let things go and grab that cock of yours. You could cum along with Denis as he cums while being fucked, or with Paddy as he spurts onto Denis’ manly chest. Either way, you’re going to get driven over the edge by this fantastic new scene.…

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A few good gay porn sites

Videos of gay men is what I wanted, and videos of gay men is what I got as I went through the search engines and found a few good gay porn sites. A great free site with offers us more hardcore porn than some of us can handle, and it could take months so watch all the movies, especially as they seem to update it on a weekly basis.

At a quick look, I saw 55 videos on offer to watch, and it’s the same on all its 3,192 pages of hardcore porn. It’s all varies, but there is a search engine at the top that will allow for us to write in exactly what we want. Personally, I like it all varied in case there is a fantasy I haven’t thought about, dreamt about, or even done. This time though I thought I would check it out as I am a bit wary of some sites, but this is a free and easy site to navigate your way round, but there is also a list of categories if you wish to go through as well.
I tapped in big dicks, and big dicks is what I got. I saw I video titled ‘Men with Big Dicks Shoot Big Loads’ which got my balls tightening up as I sat and watched various different men of different colours stroking their hard dicks in front of the camera. It all ended up with cum flying about all over place, theirs and mine a have to add.

I went back to the homepage and was intrigued by a box at the top of the page that said ‘community.’ I have never seen this before so I clicked on the box to find out that it’s not just photos of people who have joined the site, but a profile about them as well where you can actually contact them too. They also have a choice to put up various photos of themselves, and/or videos.

Videos of hot gay men

You can join this site for free without any trouble, but you can also go premium and chat to live guys though a cam. I pressed on a photo of a good looking young guy with a smooth chest and cute face. He had such a sweet smile and he will do anything for you. He name is Evan and he is 18 years of age. There is a great profile about him, which also includes him saying that he is there to tease and seduce you. I got him to lie back and finger his hole as he masturbated until his cock exploded, and cum shot out all the way to his chin.

All the movies are of the highest quality on Man hub and all kinds of videos of gay men to watch from daddies, twinks, hunks, couples, orgies and even solo. There are also rough, bandage and spanking for those who are into something a bit on the kinky side.

I decided to look at an orgy and got easily turned on as I watched at least thirteen young men outside in the garden as they took turns in fucking one guy’s ass as he sucked on other men’s cocks, and they shot loads of creamy white cum all over him. Then I noticed that you could even share the movie on line and that it had already been seen by 2,551,920 people.

You are even given the chance to comment on each individual movie, and down the side of the page there is a whole load of other movies to choose from that are somehow related to that movie.

Manhub is one of the best sites to get free videos of gay men and it is very popular and known all over. It has some of the best men in porn, and has loads of amateurs too. Either way, it’s all top quality with great sound, something not to be missed for sure. I personally will be cumming back to this site time and time again.…

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