Gay xxx in Ibiza – Dont tell anyone

What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza, unless it’s filmed by Drill My Hole in which case what happens in Ibiza becomes part four of their on-going series, Men In Ibiza. Here we have a celebration of men, of gayness, of sexuality and of love. This scene, just released, has a theatrical feel to it. You know how this company is always going out of its way to produce original, well-made scenes, how they are always striving to achieve a new level of perfection in gay porn? Well, they do it again here.

We’ve got manly newcomer to the scene, Denis Vega, on the rocks, by the sea, perfectly filmed. And we have the legendary Paddy O’Brian in the forest, waiting for the love of his life to arrive. Denis does arrive and, with suitable music and cinema standard filming, the two meet. Tender words are softly spoken, there is a brief, loving warm up and the men start to make love, slowly, passionately, but sensitive all at the same time.

Paddy has a great cock and Denis knows how to tease it with his lips, gently stroking the swollen head to drive Paddy wild, before taking it into his mouth and sucking. And then stopping, and teasing again, and then fast sucking and taking it deep. The teasing works, it’s starting to drive our British stud to delirium, but still Denis does not let up and the oral section of this scene runs on and gets better.

There is great cock play and nut licking between the two guys, and the mouth action continues into rimming and ass spreading as Denis works Paddy’s body for a good 14 minutes or so.

There then follows some great mutual masturbation, and a section with Paddy rimming the other muscled stud as he is jerking his own hard and thick cock. Paddy explores Denis’ ass before finally getting his own cock in there, hard and solid and fat. The fucking section starts and yet the scene does not become gratuitous; the hardcore part simply makes what is a good scene an even better one. We’re still in the forest, there’s still something dreamy about it all, but now the music has given way to animalistic grunts and gasps and the sound of man flesh slapping against man.

The guys give us all manner of positions, making sure we get to see close up, everything that we want to see, and making sure we hear everything we want to hear. It’s hard to hold yourself back as things heat up in this forest, but eventually you’re going to have to let things go and grab that cock of yours. You could cum along with Denis as he cums while being fucked, or with Paddy as he spurts onto Denis’ manly chest. Either way, you’re going to get driven over the edge by this fantastic new scene.…

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A few good gay porn sites

Videos of gay men is what I wanted, and videos of gay men is what I got as I went through the search engines and found a few good gay porn sites. A great free site with offers us more hardcore porn than some of us can handle, and it could take months so watch all the movies, especially as they seem to update it on a weekly basis.

At a quick look, I saw 55 videos on offer to watch, and it’s the same on all its 3,192 pages of hardcore porn. It’s all varies, but there is a search engine at the top that will allow for us to write in exactly what we want. Personally, I like it all varied in case there is a fantasy I haven’t thought about, dreamt about, or even done. This time though I thought I would check it out as I am a bit wary of some sites, but this is a free and easy site to navigate your way round, but there is also a list of categories if you wish to go through as well.
I tapped in big dicks, and big dicks is what I got. I saw I video titled ‘Men with Big Dicks Shoot Big Loads’ which got my balls tightening up as I sat and watched various different men of different colours stroking their hard dicks in front of the camera. It all ended up with cum flying about all over place, theirs and mine a have to add.

I went back to the homepage and was intrigued by a box at the top of the page that said ‘community.’ I have never seen this before so I clicked on the box to find out that it’s not just photos of people who have joined the site, but a profile about them as well where you can actually contact them too. They also have a choice to put up various photos of themselves, and/or videos.

Videos of hot gay men

You can join this site for free without any trouble, but you can also go premium and chat to live guys though a cam. I pressed on a photo of a good looking young guy with a smooth chest and cute face. He had such a sweet smile and he will do anything for you. He name is Evan and he is 18 years of age. There is a great profile about him, which also includes him saying that he is there to tease and seduce you. I got him to lie back and finger his hole as he masturbated until his cock exploded, and cum shot out all the way to his chin.

All the movies are of the highest quality on Man hub and all kinds of videos of gay men to watch from daddies, twinks, hunks, couples, orgies and even solo. There are also rough, bandage and spanking for those who are into something a bit on the kinky side.

I decided to look at an orgy and got easily turned on as I watched at least thirteen young men outside in the garden as they took turns in fucking one guy’s ass as he sucked on other men’s cocks, and they shot loads of creamy white cum all over him. Then I noticed that you could even share the movie on line and that it had already been seen by 2,551,920 people.

You are even given the chance to comment on each individual movie, and down the side of the page there is a whole load of other movies to choose from that are somehow related to that movie.

Manhub is one of the best sites to get free videos of gay men and it is very popular and known all over. It has some of the best men in porn, and has loads of amateurs too. Either way, it’s all top quality with great sound, something not to be missed for sure. I personally will be cumming back to this site time and time again.…

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