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‘Drill My Hole’ shows you what it’s like to live on the East Side if you have money, the world is yours for the taking and mygayvids.com filmed it to show you what it’s really like. This hardcore episode with gay pornstar Jack Radley and sexy Latino, Kaden Alexander in his second flick with a gay porn site.

In episode two, Luks Adams found out that Jack Radley has a crush on his hunky music teacher, Kaden Alexander, but Jack wasn’t sure what to do as he was a virgin. ‘Was’ is the right word as almost as soon as he had said that, Luke showed him exactly what to do, and where it should be stuck.

This episode starts off with Luke ringing Jack up and asking him if he has done anything about his handsome teacher yet, and Jack tells him, ‘No, Not yet.’ Luke tells him to get him on his second phone right now and get him to go round. Luke wants him to keep his other phone on so that he can hear what is being said. Jack does as he is told and makes an appointment with Kaden later that day.

Almost as soon as Kaden comes into the room Jack pushes him onto the couch and before Kaden can say anything at all, Jack has opened up his pants and has taken his eight inch Latino cock out and begins sucking on it. Kaden enjoys the sensation running through his body as Jack sucks on his cock. He gets him up and they strip naked together and then Kaden sits back on the couch as Jack lies down on his front and continues sucking on Kaden’s cock. Kaden tells him to go slow at one point, and then tells him when to lick, and when to suck. He takes a hold of Jack’s head and face fucks him hard and fast.

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Kaden gets Jack to sit on his lap facing him with his legs either side of his hips. Jack does as he says and then leans back using his hands to hold him up on the floor whilst Kaden bends over and sucks on Jack’s eight inch dick. Kaden is giving jack the lesson he has been after all along thanks to Luke Adam’s interference.

Staying in the same position Jack lifts his legs up to his chest and Kaden slides his thick hard dick right up his tight asshole. Jack groans out loud as he feels his asshole stretching wide open. Kaden drives his cock in and out if Jack’s crack and Jack feels Kaden’s cock banging against his prostate which makes his cock leak pre-cum.
From here on jack moans and groans with unadulterated pleasure as Kaden relentlessly ploughs his cock into him harder and harder and in all sorts of positions. Jack Radley shouts out he’s going to cum and as he jerks on his cock, and Kaden fucks his ass, his cum spurts out over his smooth young body. Kaden Alexander pulls his cock out of Jack’s tight hole and his cum blasts out and reaches Jack’s face.
With a teacher like Kaden, Jack is going to be playing a much better tune on his fiddle.

Jack Ridley and Kaden Alexander – gay adult models

Jack Ridley is a cute young man with a thin white body. He is a versatile bottom and has an eight inch cut cock. He has brown hair, Hazel eyes and is five feet elven inches tall. Jack has been in eleven hardcore porn flicks with mygayvids.com since he started back in January 2014 where he gets his ass fucked up by Coly Jansen, who is an exclusive gay porn star to mygayvids.com in ‘Dirty Magazines.’

Kaden Alexander is a Latino hunk with plenty of muscles and a lovely six pack. He has only been in one flick with this gay porno tube so far and that was ‘The Hunt’ with Paul Canon. He versatile with an eight inch uncut cock which he loves to squeeze into a tight asshole. He has black hair, brown eyes and is six foot of pure meat.

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