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So far in this great series by Drill My Hole we have seen Scott Riley getting fucked by two of his straight friends, Colby Jansen and Bennett Anthony, both exclusive gay pornstars. Now we get the chance to see what his other straight friend, Alex Mecum, can do with his thick eight and a half inch cut cock, and how he does it.

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For those of you who don’t know the series, here’s a quick recap: Since coming out as gay in college Scott Riley has had his best straight friends fucking his tight ass on a regular basis. Even though they are married they know that they don’t have the same hassle with Scott as they do their wives, and that only he can do what they really want.

Scott Riley finishes his work on the computer and lies down to sleep. All of a sudden he feels a heavy weight next to him. He turns around and it’s his best friend Alex Mecum who is stark naked and climbing into bed with him. Scott asks ‘what are you doing?’ And Alex reply’s by smacking Scott’s hot ass and giving him a kiss and tells him that he missed him.

Scott rolls onto his back and they kiss each other passionately. His straight friend kisses Scott on his smooth chest and works his way down his body kissing every part of it, and then gets to Scott’s six inch cock and sucks on it without any problem. He even tells Scott that his cock tastes so good, and then goes back to Sucking on it, and playing with his smooth ball sack at the same time. Scott sighs with pleasure as Alex deep throats him feels his cock pulsate in his mouth.

Alex gets up onto his knees on the bed and Scott now sucks on his thick hard dick. This time its Alex’s turn to groan loud with excitement as Scott gives him a great blowjob as usual.
Scott pulls his legs up with his knees at his shoulders as Alex pushes his ass up further in the air and teases his twitching asshole by circling it with his tongue. Scott growls out with deep desire when Alex probes in deeper with his tongue, and then fucks him with his thumb.

‘Are you ready for this?’ Alex asks him as he rubs his cock against the underside of Scott’s ball sack. Scott almost purrs and then cries out as he feels every inch of Alex’s cock sinking deeper and deeper into his tiny hot crack. Both men moan and groan as the fucking continues and whilst Alex fucks Scott in the missionary position, he manages to massage Scott’s smooth balls at the same time.

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After Scott sitting on Alex’s cock for a while and riding him hard, the two horny lovers sit side by side and jerk on their own cocks. Alex Mecum shoots his cum first over his hairy chest and Scott’s out stretched leg. As Scott feels his scalding cum land on his leg his cock throbs in his hand and thick globs of creamy white spunk burst out on to his belly and pumping fist. As they kiss each other and go to sleep, Scott knows he has the best friends around.

Who is Scott Riley and Alex Mecum ?

Scott Riley has starred in five hardcore flicks within this paysite since starting in August 2015 in ‘Recruiting Part 1’ where he gets fucked by Exclusive to johnnyrapidtube.xxx star, Johnny Rapid and ‘Some Of A Preacher Man Part 3’ which ends in a great orgy full of scalding hot jizz. Scott Is fresh faced and sweet, the kind of boyfriend your mother would want you to come home with. He is versatile and has a sic inch cut cock and a fuckable asshole. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and is five feet eight inches high.

This is Alex Mecum second gay xxx flick but not the last. His first one is ‘Stepbrothers Part 1’ where he drills the ass off of Colton Grey. Alex is six foot tall with handsome good looks and a muscular hairy body. He is versatile with a lovely thick eight and a half inch cut cock, has brown hair and sky blue eyes.

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